How To Set Up A Summer Routine

I remember being a kid and it just seemed like summer was such a magical memorable time. I always looked forward to cookouts, swimming and just spending my summer nights with friends and family. This year the girls are older and I ant wait to start making memories with them. This summer I created a schedule for the kids that is enjoyable and productive for the little ones. I wanted to share with you a small snippet o what a typical day will look like for us this summer. Have you started creating your schedule for the Summer months? Creating a plan is a lot easier than you think.

First what are your summer goals? Some may be to travel with the kids , or learn a new language. My goal is simple to give the girls an amazing summer filled with adventures as well as to WEAR them out. Instead of making it hard on myself and creating a calendar or something of that nature which I know I will never use, each day I have added in a new activity that goes along with our regular  routine.  Below is a example of my actual schedule as well as a summer activity that I have implemented into it.





10 Get Ready

1030-1230-Outdoor activity/Waterpark

1pm Lunch



                                                                                                      230 play

                                                                                                   430 dinner


This isn’t always accurate because of course things do come up but for the most part this is our daily routine. Each day we between 1030-1230 we will be something new, Friday’s will be the waterpark and every other week we will be visiting the zoo. Of course we have so much more on our agenda but I just wanted to give an example. Also don’t be discouraged if your not that good at planning so far out which is totally understandable you can always do week by week.  What are your plans this summer? I would love to hear how your keeping your little ones busy this year.



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