My Recap Of 2017:What I Have Learned This Year

As we approach this upcoming year I cant help but think about how much growth I have had in 2017 . This year has honestly been very good to me! I lost a lot baby weight and finally feel back to normal after having Lydia. It only took to years! I made my Instagram pop and gained about 400 followers. That’s not much to many but a accomplishment for me. Not only that but I have also made profit from my blog and it hasn’t even been up and running for a full year. My marriage had some test but at the end hubs and I  got stronger. This year taught me that its FAMILY FIRST always. I came back to the Lord after falling off an backsliding for a few months which really feels great. This stage in my life showed me I’m not perfect and that we all fall short. Only God knows your steps, and your walk is YOUR walk. I have learned that patience’s is truly a virtue. After I found God, I found myself. Honestly ever since the passing of my dad I haven’t felt like myself at all, that was 2009. This year I finally learned me and I  am in tune with myself.  I learned it’s ok to let people in and love others. Its okay to be vulnerable in a healthy way. Vulnerability is strength.  And its also ok to love people from a DISTNACE. I am learning to control my emotions and not be so sensitive and self centered. I’ve learning to be more compassionate with others even if I don’t understand their ways. This year has taught me that cutting ties off with anything or anyone that makes me feel less than is okay because I am more than enough. And lastly this year  I have learned to love myself and its okay to do things by myself! I wear my heart on my sleeve and I love very hard so I cant just hang out with anybody! 2017 has been a great year and I am so excited for the things in store for 2018!

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