National Black Breastfeeding Week

It’s national black breastfeeding week, yes this is really a national holiday! And if you’re like me this is really exciting news especially since I am a black woman who has breastfed and is a firm believer in breastfeeding. The black community lacks so many resources, support and education when it comes to lactation.  Their also hasn’t been equal representation of black women breastfeeding. 

I can remember how hard it was for me to breastfeed when I started and how I really felt like I didn’t have the proper knowledge or resources to breastfed. None the less I gave breastfeeding a shot and yes like many brown girls it was a struggle. 

I think its very important that we raise awareness and resources for black mothers to breastfeed. And this is exactly why we need a national black breast feeding week! To learn more about this head over to 


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