My Name is Mary: And I Suffer From Time Management Defeincy

The struggle of motivation is real! I am juggling being a full time mom and wife who also hold down a part time job and blog all while trying to keep an exercise regimen and stay fly phew I am overwhelmed typing it all! I know it does sound like a like but I feel like I can do a whole lot more can I be completely honest? I am lazy, I know that sounds like such a harsh way to put it so maybe I should say I suffer from time management deficiency.

I used to be that person that always would say that I don’t have enough time but truthfully I do have time I just spend my time doing a lot of useless things that wont be beneficial to be in the future. See I realize that I could be writing blog post or cleaning the the side of my refrigerator but instead I will choose to watch 3 episodes of a Netflix series. So what do we do when we face something in life that we don’t like? Simple you change it I am doing a personal challenge for myself to be consistent that next few months! I bought a new planner and of course I haven’t used it  I am learning that I can buy all the resources in the world to help me with time management, I can take every course and join every Facebook group but if I don’t actually take steps to improve I am totally wasting my time!

This is the hard part about being an entrepreneur/mompenuer. No one can do this for you! I set my own hours and its up to me to actually sit down and get things done. Often times we only see that glam of being a entrepreneur and don’t realize that this takes real work and is so far from glamorous. This is discipline, the discipline that I am lacking hopefully I can get some consistency working these next few months.

If your and entrepreneur or mompeneur then don’t be discouraged sis put your cap on and lets do this and enjoy the ride while doing so! If you are following that same journey as me what are some tips that you can give that work for you?!


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