My Trip To Texas

Sorry everyone I know I haven’t posted in a week and that’s defiantly not like me. Last week my computer got infected with malware and was unable to use therefore I couldn’t post anything! This week I am back in full effect and ready to share with you my amazing trip to Texas! This past week has been amazing, I got to drive across country with my family to Houston Texas. My big brother moved to Texas about a year ago and is now fortunate enough to move my grandmother there.The drive was obviously extremely long but the trip was so worth it I would do it all over again! I was only there for about 2 days which wasn’t long enough for me!  I was lucky enough to go to Texas during craw fish season so of course I had to figure out what all the rave was about. I mean hey Im from Pittsburgh and currently live on ohio I know nothing about craw-fish.

Here is a local restaurant my brother took us to in Spring,TX called Drunken Oyster.


If you have never tried craw fish I highly suggest that you get down to Texas to get you some they were so amazing and addicting!

I was also lucky enough to stop by the local mall in Spring Texas and it also has an amazing feel! Oh and palm trees so many palm trees who knew that there were palm trees in Texas I sure didn’t! Although I didn’t get to explore Texas like I wanted to due to the time frame and the circumstances of the trip don’t worry I will be back I hear Texas especially Houston Has A LOT to offer! Below are some additional pictures from my trip!


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