The Importance Of Me Time And Self Care

As women its naturally in our nature to be nurtures, that why its natural for us to always put others around us first. Which isn’t a bad thing, but we must make time for ourselves. Being that I am a advocate for women and mothers I have to draw attention to the importance of self care.


I remember when I first had Lydia, self care was the furthest thing from my mind. Here I am 22 with 2 girls under 2 and I totally felt lost. Not only did I feel lost I neglected myself completely, me time became “we time” all the time. Even simple task like using the bathroom alone was no longer an option(all moms will feel where I am coming from). I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy but I had to make time for me! Self-care isn’t just catering to our outward appearance but your mental health as well.

If you’re not all ready ,I want you to really start taking time out for yourself. You’re probably wondering well where do I start? First find balance in your life, this is very important because you don’t want to neglect your family either. Make sure that you are investing a equal amount of time in both your family and yourself. Then plan, pick a day and just go on a date with yourself make it intentional!  Realize that taking time for yourself doesn’t make you self-fish, but you have to make yourself a priority. I am learning to be my own best-friend and it started off by doing things I wouldn’t normally do. Like going to the mall by myself, or just taking a ride or walk. These things my sound boring but they give me peace of mind. Taking “me time” makes me a better mother and wife because I am less stressed when interacting with my family. I come back to my family refreshed,rejuvenated and ready to get back on my motherly and wifely duties. 

Now me time is  still something that I am working on and I would love to hear from you guys. How do you make time for yourself?

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