My Go-To Products for Curly Girls

Having 2 daughters is such a joy but its truly a drag when you cant find hair products that work with each individual hair type. Lydia has 3c/4a hair and Leah has 4b and both have very dry hair. Being that their are so many products on the market right now that cater to  natural hair it can be hard to find that perfect brand. I’m going to tell you why I chose this brand and the results that my children and I are getting using them.

First I picked this brand because of the cost. I thought for that price it is worth a shot plus it was purchased at Sally’s so I could always return if they don’t work.I hate spending hundreds just to get the right hair products plus I have also heard great things about Cantu. I caught these on sell buy 2 get 1 free I paid a little under 26$ for all 3 products.That is defiantly a steal for me! What I really like is that all 3 products work well with all of the different hair types in the house. We all suffer from dry brittle hair if its not properly moisturized its literally treacherous. I can defiantly say that I do see a difference in the girls hair since I started using these products. Both of their hair stays moisturized for the entire day and each products is doing what it says it would do. I AM defiantly recommending to everyone its awesome! Now what works for me may not work for you but these are a great price so I would defiantly recommend that you give Cantu a try. I would love to hear you thoughts since you started using Cantu as well!  

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