DIY Distressed T-shirt

I love the look of distressed t shirts everything about them is so versatile they can be dressed up or down. Since I can rarely find the perfect distressed tee for me I decided to create my own. This is so simple any one can do it and it!

Supplies Needed




1.Lay the t-shirt flat just to eye it before you go into it with scissors. At the entire bottom of the t-shirts make different size slits in the shirt. After Each Stich Pull apart to widen the hole.

At the very bottom some slits can hang lower to give it an edgier look.

2.Dont forget to do this to the sleeves.

That’s basically it this style of t shirt requires no bleach or dye which is what make it so simple below is how I styled this look.

Outfit Details

Shirt H&M

Pants Marshalls

Shoes Express

Sunglasses Forever 21

Purse Ebay


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