Celebrating 4 Years Of Marriage

This year on 3/12 my husband and I celebrated 4 years of marriage! This journey with him has been so amazing, we had good times and we had bad times but we always have love. I want to take a moment to just thank God for keeping our marriage covered and letting us maneuver through all the storms we went through these past 4 years. I want to share with you some things I have learned since being married.

YOU Can’t Change Your Spouse God Can

This was so important for me to realize I thought I could change my husband with nagging but that just pushed him away.When I first got married I thought I was close to perfect I mean seriously I thought I didn’t need to change anything about myself and my husband needed to change EVERYTHING! Little did I know that wasn’t the case, as I grew in the Lord I began to ask God to change my husband.  I would pray for God to make him a better man who is easier to love and pleasing to me. Once I started praying that, that’s when God showed me that I needed to be a better woman first and pleasing to him(God). The Lord has a funny way of growing us up and making us mature, at least for me he did. The more I PRAYED for change in my husband the more God told me the things I needed to change.  I surrendered to the Lord and began to examen my own heart. And let me tell you I defiantly found some ugly qualities that were not of Christ. I had to change FIRST.

Discomfort Brings growth  

Can I be honest marriage made me uncomfortable, I had to learn to submit to my God then my husband and with those hard times came growth. I had to learn not to live by my emotions and what I feel. Some days I don’t feel like adulting but I HAVE too. Marriage has made this once wimpy emotional girl strong. Submission isn’t a sign of weakness but strength. 

Don’t Compare Your Spouse

Your marriage is your marriage don’t add extra pressure on someone because they’re not meeting your expectations. The grass ain’t green on the other side just learn to water your own!  Remember, why you married each other be proud of that.

Keep Your Body Tight 

Don’t lose yourself because you’re  married! You have to stay snatched ladies! Your only dressing for your husband and the way you look represents him. I had to make some changes in this area myself, I started eating healthier and I got a gym membership yes I still make an effort to stay fine. Rember you won’t have to get your groove back if you never loose it! 

You Have To Change Yourself

I hear women say all the time that if they have to change themselves then they rather be single. Let me tell you in marriage you HAVE to change. I mean its apart of life and I don’t say change yourself in the sense of your morals and values but some of your characteristics that don’t represent Christ have to go. My husband has been a mirror to me showing me what I need to change not just to please him(my husband) but Christ! In order to follow God, there has to be a transformation of self.

Obviously, I have learned so much more since I tied the knot I just wanted to share a few with you marriage is hard but I promise you if done right its worth it! So whether you are single or married my best is advice to you is seek God first and trust and believe he will order your steps! I love you guys but most importantly God loves you like crazy!

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