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  • National Black Breastfeeding Week


    It’s national black breastfeeding week, yes this is really a national holiday! And if you’re like me this is really exciting news especially since I am a black woman who has…

  • How To Set Up A Summer Routine


    I remember being a kid and it just seemed like summer was such a magical memorable time. I always looked forward to cookouts, swimming and just spending my summer nights with friends…

  • My Trip To Texas


    Sorry everyone I know I haven’t posted in a week and that’s defiantly not like me. Last week my computer got infected with malware and was unable to use therefore I…

  • Teaching My Daughters Confidence


    Confidence is something that I cannot stress enough to instill into your children. I really make an effort to teach my girls to be confident. Like many young girls growing up…

  • Meal Prep Sunday

    Food, Lifestyle

    This week I decided to take my weight loss journey to the next level and start meal prepping. Most of us are pretty busy during the week so meal prep is…

  • Thank You Letter To My Father


    Dear Dad,    Sometimes I wish I could just rewind the hands of time not to change anything but to experience just a few more moments with you. 15 years wasn’t…