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Valentines Day Gift Guide

Roses are red violets are blue valentines day is approaching what are you getting your boo? I have come up with a simple and affordable gift guide that almost  anyone would love. Below I have picked three products for His and Hers gifts. Finding a gift for your significant other can be a challenge but that’s why I did the work for you! 





Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set, Wood Charcuterie Platter and Serving Meat Board with Slide-Out Drawer with 4 Stainless Steel Knife and Server Set – Personalized Gifts. Designed By: Bambusi




Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Heart Casserole, Red


Certified 14k White Gold Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings (1/3cttw, J-K Color, I1-12 Clarity)



D & G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 2.5-Ounce Bottle

Best Husband Ever Coffee Mug Perfect Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday or Wedding Gift 13 oz Clear Glass Cup Unique, Cool Present Idea (Best Husband Ever Coffee Mug)



All-new Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote (2017 Edition, Pendant) | Streaming Media Player

Longs Property Group

Are you having trouble  staring your own business in real estate and dont know where to start? Starting a career in real eastate can be exciting yet stressful. Let Longs Property group help you turn you passion into a business, or your old house into profit!

Longs Property is a property solutions group based out of Pittsburgh PA. They help home owners out of difficult situations like foreclosure, back taxes and inherited property. Right now the company is interested in expanding its business across the Pittsburgh area. Not only that but Longs Property group is also offering one on one training anywhere in the US. Below is all the training that is being offered right now.

The Training Offered

How to flip properties with little to no money

Finding properties below market value

Analyzing properties to find there true value

Running market comparisons to properties recently sold

Buying houses with creative financing

Getting funded for real estate transaction with no credit

Stephen Long the founder of Longs property has had very much success with his method of Home Solutions. The 25 year old owns several properties. Which him and his team do all the renovation’s. Longs property turns what many consider trash into treasure. If this is something that interest you email to start you training as soon as this week! If you’re still unsure follow all his social media accounts to take a look into the business itself!




No house is too bad!







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4 Ways To Be Intentional And Stick To Your New Years Resolution





Like many I sit down and make a new year resolutions and don’t normally commit to them. Its the start of a new year and for many its a fresh start. But lets be honest how many of us actually stick to those goals? Most of the time by June we have totally forgotten about the goals we even set 6 months prior. Only of a fraction of us keep them but I want to help change that. Here are 7 simple ways to make your resolutions intentional!

Limit Your Resolutions

Its ok to have A lot of goals if your actually going to commit to them but its a total waste of time to write down 10-15 goals and only commit to 2. Instead make your resolutions list shorter. Pick goals that are realistic to meet and stick to them. Now this doesn’t mean don’t challenge yourself it just means don’t overwhelm yourself. Pick only a few goals and hold yourself accountable.

Change Your Environment

No you don’t have to get up and move to a different state. But arrange your situation so you can make sure your goals are met. For example if one of your goals is to lose weight and you know that you always make unhealthy food choices, make sure your meal prepping to avoid unhealthy choices. This is something I have had to do myself I realize to actually get things accomplished I must get up by 5 a.m and stay up!

Celebrate Your Millstones

If by March you are still being intentional about your resolutions celebrate that! Small steps are still STEPS! Have some compassion on yourself!


Join me in my 31 days of consistency challenge! Hashtag #31daysconsistent on Instagram so I can see your progress. One of my resolutions is to be consistent on my blog and intentional about my business. That includes posting on social medial DAILY. It only takes 21 days to form a new habit so lets make good ones! Sharing your goals with others is also a way to make sure you hold yourself accountable. Comment below some ways you have stuck to your goals in the past and what do you want to do differently this year?



My Recap Of 2017:What I Have Learned This Year

As we approach this upcoming year I cant help but think about how much growth I have had in 2017 . This year has honestly been very good to me! I lost a lot baby weight and finally feel back to normal after having Lydia. It only took to years! I made my Instagram pop and gained about 400 followers. That’s not much to many but a accomplishment for me. Not only that but I have also made profit from my blog and it hasn’t even been up and running for a full year. My marriage had some test but at the end hubs and I  got stronger. This year taught me that its FAMILY FIRST always. I came back to the Lord after falling off an backsliding for a few months which really feels great. This stage in my life showed me I’m not perfect and that we all fall short. Only God knows your steps, and your walk is YOUR walk. I have learned that patience’s is truly a virtue. After I found God, I found myself. Honestly ever since the passing of my dad I haven’t felt like myself at all, that was 2009. This year I finally learned me and I  am in tune with myself.  I learned it’s ok to let people in and love others. Its okay to be vulnerable in a healthy way. Vulnerability is strength.  And its also ok to love people from a DISTNACE. I am learning to control my emotions and not be so sensitive and self centered. I’ve learning to be more compassionate with others even if I don’t understand their ways. This year has taught me that cutting ties off with anything or anyone that makes me feel less than is okay because I am more than enough. And lastly this year  I have learned to love myself and its okay to do things by myself! I wear my heart on my sleeve and I love very hard so I cant just hang out with anybody! 2017 has been a great year and I am so excited for the things in store for 2018!

Natural remedies for Babies and toddlers

Motherhood is an amazing thing and it carries so much beauty with it, but lets be honest its also very hard. No parent ever wants to have a sick child, because when they hurt you hurt. I wish that when I had my girls I followed all the blogs and had a bunch of baby books to give me the answers but I just didn’t. I listened to older women in my family and used remedies that have been passed down for years which beats any parenting book if you ask me! I’m going to share a few of my favorites and I can almost guarantee that these will work wonders for your baby.

Baby Acne

Baby acne drives most mothers crazy and its the worst because obvisoly you cant use clean and clear on your newborns skin. Breast milk worked wonders for me. At night I submerge a cotton ball in a little breast milk and spread it wherever the acne is and let it sit overnight. In the morning I wash it off with warm water. The acne should clear within deals.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is pretty much crusty white or yellow scales on the top of babies head. Craddle cap is totally normal just a little annoying especially for new mothers. I would recommend using a drop of baby oil to loosen the scales and a fine tooth comb to remove from them from the babis head.


If your baby wont poop give them a small bottle of warm water with a drop of kayro corn syrup. I only did this when leah was around 2 months old and it complelty cured her constipation!

Cold Sores

Reently my toddler has been suffering from cold sores. Organic apple cider vinegar with the mother has worked wonders on her coldsore. Take a paper towel or cotton ball submerege it in diluted organic ACV and place it on the cold sores for a few minutes and do this throughout the day. This helps dry out the cold sore and evently remove it.

I’m definetly not a doctor, just a mother sharing some tips to help other mothers sleep better. Before doing any of these natural remedies always consult with you doctor if you feel unseasy about doing these on your child. I would love to hear some ways that you use natural remedies on your child.


Jessica Simpson Boots & Faux Fur




As a influencer and fashionista many probably think that I spend a ton of money on clothes. Honestly I have always loved looking rich without going BROKE. So if it’s not within my budget Im not getting it! Keeping up with the Jones has never been my style. I love this fit because it gives me such RICH GIRL vibes but didn’t cost me a pretty penny.Hubs splurged a little for my birthday and got me these Jessica Simpson boots which are obviously inspired by the YSL crystal embellished boots, I paired these with a forever 21 faux fur and some faux leather leggings from express. I have to say fur is definitely my style this winter! 

To shop this post I have attached all links below! 

Courting: be involved with romantically, typically with the intention of marrying. pay special attention to (someone) in an attempt to win their support or favor.


Courting is a word that we defiantly don’t hear often today. To many its a thing of the past and considered old fashioned but honestly many women yearn to be courted. What happened to opening doors, flowers and candy and actually going on dates? What happened to the days when men made dating intentional?

Dating for many today is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I mean their are so many blurred lines with dating in our age of technology. Dating today starts off with talking then sex, you may go on a date and after that its kind of up in the air. The problem is we are doing it backwards, as women we are not intentional with what we want and we are jumping in bed too soon! Courting is DATING but with purpose. So often we have no problem with settling for Netflix and chilling. I cant tell you how many stories I have heard of women giving it ALL up then at the very end of each sexual encounter asking “what are we?”. I have experienced this myself before marriage! Ladies I know that this generation teaches us to go after what we want which is great but not so great when it comes to dating. Not only does that leave us open to rejection but as women we were never meant to chase that’s always been the man’s job. We have all heard” why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”? We are doing too much for BOYFRIENDS and not reserving those special things for our HUSBANDS. I promise you, that as a woman WE set the tone. If you settle for meaningless sex and Netflix and chill 9/10 that’s ALL what you’ll get. But if you make it known that your your goal from the jump, things usually run a lot smoother. It always works better God’s way, ALWAYS!

So to answer my own question NO I don’t think courtship is a thing of the past. I think our standards have been lowered due to society and we choose to settle. I do believe this standard can easily be reversed but we must date with Purpose or else it’s just a waste of time! Now these are just my personal confessions but I would love to hear your opinion on this? Do you think courtship is a thing of the past or are we just making it to easy? Comment below!

The Importance Of Me Time And Self Care

As women its naturally in our nature to be nurtures, that why its natural for us to always put others around us first. Which isn’t a bad thing, but we must make time for ourselves. Being that I am a advocate for women and mothers I have to draw attention to the importance of self care.


I remember when I first had Lydia, self care was the furthest thing from my mind. Here I am 22 with 2 girls under 2 and I totally felt lost. Not only did I feel lost I neglected myself completely, me time became “we time” all the time. Even simple task like using the bathroom alone was no longer an option(all moms will feel where I am coming from). I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy but I had to make time for me! Self-care isn’t just catering to our outward appearance but your mental health as well.

If you’re not all ready ,I want you to really start taking time out for yourself. You’re probably wondering well where do I start? First find balance in your life, this is very important because you don’t want to neglect your family either. Make sure that you are investing a equal amount of time in both your family and yourself. Then plan, pick a day and just go on a date with yourself make it intentional!  Realize that taking time for yourself doesn’t make you self-fish, but you have to make yourself a priority. I am learning to be my own best-friend and it started off by doing things I wouldn’t normally do. Like going to the mall by myself, or just taking a ride or walk. These things my sound boring but they give me peace of mind. Taking “me time” makes me a better mother and wife because I am less stressed when interacting with my family. I come back to my family refreshed,rejuvenated and ready to get back on my motherly and wifely duties. 

Now me time is  still something that I am working on and I would love to hear from you guys. How do you make time for yourself?

10 Positive Affirmations To Practice With Your Children

Growing up my father always made me practice positive affirmations. I remember waking up and saying things like “everyday in everyway I am getting better and better”. Practicing positive affirmations instills so much confidence into your children. I like that we did that and this is something that I have started to do with the girls. I want them to know who they are now before the world has a chance to label them anything else. Below are 10 positive affirmations that I would encourage all parents to practice with their children.

1.I am loved by GOD

2. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

3. I am beautiful

4. Everyway and everyday I am getting better and better

5. I can do it.

6. I am more than enough

7. I am smart

8. I have a purpose

9.I  am a winner

10. I love myself

Believe it or not just saying one of these once a day will not only be beneficial to your child but you as well. I want to teach my girls to have healthy thoughts and to cancel out negative ones instantly. A healthy life starts with a positive mind!





I know that Brazilian hair is what all the hype is about these days but everyone doesn’t want to pay hundreds for hair weave. I also understand that many of us may not know where to get affordable quality weaves and wigs but don’t worry I have got you covered! Finding the perfect wig, weave or any beauty need doesn’t have to cost you a lot and or be time consuming. is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs. not only serves quality wigs and weaves but all of your beauty needs as well. Many styles are from vivica fox wigs . Products range from makeup to skincare and hair-care.  This website has prices that fit any budget, you’ll even find it has a clearance with a nice selection of discounted items, you also get free shipping on any order 50$ and over. 

As many of you know I love wigs, weave and anything that will protect my natural hair from daily styling. makes finding the perfect protective style so easy! And don’t worry if your’re nervous to order because you may feel its not a reputable site YouTube has quite a few reviews from other customers who have shopped Below are just a few of my favorite wig styles from blackhairspray as well as a link to shop the website!