CONFESSIONS OF A YOUNG MOM is an outlet for all mothers to find their God-given purpose, be modestly fashionable, while mastering  motherhood one SLAY at a time



I am just a small time girl with big dreams.  I am originally from Pittsburgh Pennslyvania but now reside in Columbus OHIO. I am married to my best friend and we have 2 beautiful daughters Leah(3) and Lydia(1). I have a passion for fashion, beauty, and my family! My goal is that while you are here I would inspire you with my modest fashion sense, beauty and saving tips all while focusing on mastering motherhood in all aspects of life! 


Like most young mothers things didn’t start out easy for me. I was married by 19 and had my first daughter at the age of 20. After becoming a stay at home mom this is what manifested my blog. Like many young mothers I felt attacked by outsiders for having my children so young. After 2 years, I started embracing this and God started to show me my children are my PURPOSE and that this is a blessing! My goal is to inspire other mothers to enjoy mothering you have purpose HERE. Confessions of a young mom is a place where all mothers can feel safe sharing stories about motherhood or beauty and fashion tips with one another!  I hope to inspire you with my passion for fashion and beauty while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and marriage while also MASTERING motherhood.