These are my march favorites! This month I don’t have too many products to review for your guys because mamma is on a serious budget.v Believe me when I tell you these 4 products are essentials for ALL mothers especially ones on the go! I understand sometimes we are limited with time and we still want to SLAY daily. 


This is my all time favorite mascara, it gives ALOT of volume, separates each hair and has a natural curling effect. What I really love about this mascara is that you don’t have to put on several coats like many I’ve tried in the past. You’ll literally be good with 1-2 coats !


Like many moms who has time to go to the salon? Not only that but a manicure cost between 30-60$ which is way out of my price range for nails. Everywhere I go I get some many compliments on my nails, little do they now I paid 4.99 for them at Walgreens and added a top coat of paint. So these are pretty much salon nails but they take less time and money. 


This is defiantly my favorite nude nail polish from the Sally Hansen collection! AND it’s so affordable, you won’t even need a clear top coat with this because it has the perfect amount of shine. My only complaint with this polish is that you will need to repolish after about a week or so but that’s perfectly normal.


So this is one of my confessions I  am not the best at doing a smokey eye so this is perfect for people like me. This palette has so many shades that look good on their own. The colors just glide on and since many of the colors are natural you can pair this with any look. This palette is perfect for busy moms who don’t have time to spend and an hour on makeup in the morning. 

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