3 Ways To Trick Your Kids Into Eating Vegtables

Like many mothers  across America I have trouble getting my toddler to eat vegetables. I am learning that right now my main concern is not to ger her to actually like eating vegetables but to actually trick her into eating them. By they way I have tried several other methods to get my  daughters to eat them but my oldest daughter leah will not, for a while she couldn’t be fooled until I implemented these 3 tricks into our daily diets.

Puree Them In 

This is the easiest way to get your children to eat get your children to eat vegetables in my opinion. Simply boil your vegetables then add them to the blender and puree. Add the vegetables to foods like mac and cheese, mashed potatoes or soup and kids can’t tell the difference! 

Juice Them

I like to give my kids healthy fruit and vegetables drinks once a day. I use a fruit that is normally really strong like pineapple and then add in a bunch of vegetables so my kids taste more pineapple although that are getting many other nutrients as well. 


Make a smoothie for the kids they love them and they are very healthy. The same way that I do with my juice I do with my smoothies makes sure you get a strong powerful fruit and then add as many vegetables as you like.


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