3 Easy Ways To Show Your Spouse Apprecation


Marriage is such a beautiful union and anything worth having takes work this includes marriage. I know that sometimes as women we can forget about our spouse because we are so busy with the children and just keeping up with  everyday life. Recently I have been making sure I take time to let my husband know that he is defiantly appreciated. Here are 5 ways I show my husband that he is loved and appreciated with just my actions.


This is one of the easiest way to show your spouse that they are appreciated. And no I am not talking about letting him know how good he looks when he walks in the door with that fresh cut. I am talking about something deeper than that. Like “Hey babe I really appreciate how you have been holding down the house since I have started school, your effort defiantly doesn’t go unnoticed. I know its easy to say things like well that’s what he’s supposed to do but lets be honest we all like compliments and to know that we aren’t being taken for granted.


Mutual respect is something you should have for everyone including your spouse. But most of the time in many cases we treat strangers better than we treat our own spouse! I am the bossy wife, and I like things MY way. This is something I had to work on because my bossiness came off as disrespectful to my husband.  I have learned that I can Pearce my husbands heart with just my words. Respect comes in many forms and is very important!


Surprise your spouse with something out of the ordinary that you don’t normally do. Sometimes I like to put notes in with my husbands lunch. They seem so much more intimate than a text because its not something that I do everyday. 

These are just small ways I try to ley my hubby know that I love him and appreciate him everyday. These small things have made a huge difference in our marriage and may make a difference in yours.










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